Triangle Eyes

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Triangle Eyes created the original Strictepedia page, which led to the creation of the 667 wiki. Several people were banned from editing Wikipedia when the warning of the original being deleted was issued.

As a person, Triangle Eyes has been accused repeatedly of being obsessed with certain bodily functions. Thankfully, she seems to have given up this distraction now - at least, in public, and we don't want to know about her private life.

"LEAVE ME ALONE! STOP HARASSING ME!" said Triangle Eyes upon reading the previous paragraph.

Triangle Eyes has written a few stories, one has been finished. Among the unfinished are Life On Blisteria Lane, a series, Growing Up In 2080 America, and The Carny Hospital. Her only finished story is The 667 Reunion Massacre in which Orphaned Hope kills several 667ers.

Triangle Eyes is the creator of a gag account, Gangsta Goat, but she only continued this for a few hours before messing up.


-The first person she spoke to was Deanna

-She killed Betty

-Formerly moderator of Gruesome Greetings

-She harassed All Due Respect through e-mails.

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